His­tor­i­cal Ketubot

Amsterdam 1615

The Am­s­ter­dam 1615 Ketubah



The team of artists be­hind Ke­tubah AA have been work­ing to­geth­er to cre­ate a joint line of Ke­tubot. We want­ed to cre­ate some­thing that was not on­ly worth of this beau­ti­ful and sa­cred tra­di­tion, but that was al­so wor­thy of hang­ing in a cou­ple’s home. We are re­al­ly ex­cit­ed to launch our new line of His­tor­i­cal Ke­tubot sold ex­clu­sive­ly on OrthodoxKetubot.com. Our Ke­tubot are de­signed with up­hold­ing 100% of tra­di­tion with a gor­geous de­sign and qual­i­ty that will tru­ly last. With in­spi­ra­tions from an­cient Jew­ish art from  Per­sia, Aus­tria, Am­s­ter­dam and more, our Ke­tubot are rich in his­to­ry and detail.