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Hello and thank you for visiting the Ketubah Artists Association page! We are proud to be the official representative and union of Jewish ketubot artists, or shall we say, Ketubah enthusiasts. We began our Association through our common love and adoration of Ketubah art and design. Through being involved and acquainted with other Ketubot artists and websites, we began our Association and our dream. We are passionate about art and design, but specifically how it is created through the Jewish tradition of Ketubot, and we want others to be passionate about it as well!

From the most traditional style to the most modern, we represent and showcase a wide spectrum of different Ketubah artists. We want to create a place where couples can see all the options available to them, and other artists or enthusiasts can be inspired, or simply just enjoy beautiful art! We are dedicated to developing the world of Ketubot, wether it is through the artists themselves, or prospective couples searching for their perfect Ketubah. After all this art work is more than just a beautiful design or print, it is a representation of a life-long commitment, made with love and faith.

We have also recently launched the Annual Ketubie Awards, an extension of our Artists Association website. This page was created to award those artists that we consistently noticed for their innovation in design, customer service and unique craftsmanship.

Want to be showcased on the Ketubah Artist Association? Easy! Send us an email with your website or portfolio and a brief description of your artwork and desire to join! We showcase all of our Ketubah artists for free (and we enjoy doing so!). As Ketubah lovers we are motivated to continually develop this art form and properly honor the Jewish tradition!

Note: While we strictly allow only Ketubah artists to become members, we’re allowing artist-friendly Ketubah resellers to become official KAA Associates!


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